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About Hallmark Property Management

Hallmark Property Management Pty Ltd was established to offer an Innovative Approach based on a set Standard of Excellence, Uniformity and Balance of Interests.  

After many years working in the property management industry and witnessing the current imbalance in practice standards across South East Queensland, our Founder and CEO Yolanda  Kiurteva was driven by her passion to rectify the issues she saw owners and tenants facing on a daily basis. She had a vision to create unity and enable a service second to none whereby all parties were treated equally and received personal service and attention and hence she created a new business model with innovative core standards. 

At Hallmark Property Management we believe in :


Community Approach – Our property managers are local and involved in their community. They are aware of current market trends, have contacts within their region for any maintenance that may arise and are always nearby to ensure your property is well looked after at all times.


Inclusive Stakeholders  – Each property manager is considered an Asset Manager in our team whilst also being an associate of the business. This means that through impeccable handling of your Property Asset, they are well rewarded as they are also growing their portfolio dividends each month.  We believe in rewarding staff for superior effort and the value they bring to our clients and therefore this approach attracts only the best managers in the industry, who thrive on distinction for you and themselves, as one. 

Experience – Each team member has a minimum of 5 years experience ensuring you as an owner and your tenant are being advised and looked after by a property manager with knowledge and experience in many situations that may arise. With an understanding of the importance of effective communication our team will always work quickly and effectively to rectify any concerns you may have and provide you with open and honest communication.

Above Industry Standards – We don’t simply follow industry guidelines, we go above and beyond them! Rather than simply adhering to the minimum requirements for rent collection, arrears and advertising we manage your property to ensure we have quality tenants, rent paid on time and a ZERO, yes ZERO vacancy rate record.


From our CEO  - “I am privileged to work in an industry which is my greatest passion and to love what I do. I work hard for each and every one of my owners and tenants, making sure they get the best Property Management Service possible. I achieve this by maintaining honesty, integrity, transparency and respect”


“It is amazing, my property no longer changes property managers and I don’t communicate with different people every time I call. Such a relieve dealing with just one person and knowing that she has an invested interest in my investment. It seems to work well for everyone. ”
AC – Owner

“ Where were you all this time?  Since you took over the management of my investment properties, I can admit that I have never received such service elsewhere. I would recommend that landlords check this out and see the difference.”
LW – Owner

“Thank you so much for taking such a good care of my properties. You have done so much for them. I am so happy that now where ever I am, I can follow up in real time what exactly is happening will all my property investment affairs.”
RB – Owner

“I was nervous about making such a big move, but Hallmark Property Management really helped me find my place here. I learned so much about the different neighbourhoods and social opportunities and found the home that’s right for me.”
AG - Tenant

"You are fabulous thank you so much for your quick response with everything today. You're making our move so much less stressful and we appreciate it so much! Thank you! - WH

"We have provided maintenance services to Rental properties for a number of years. Having dealt with many Real Estate Agents in this time. We appreciated working with Yolanda Kiurteva as we found her to be highly efficient at processing required items. She was always well informed on her property portfolio. It is a pleasure to deal with someone like Yolanda who is in control of all situations and has a very healthy respect for all parties involved in the property management agreement. We look forward to many future years of doing business with Yolanda and her team."


Yolanda our CEO and Senior Asset Manager brings over 30 years business management experience and over 10 years in Real Estate to lead the team at Hallmark Property Management.

Having won multiple awards from her dedication to taking the utmost of care of her clients using an individual-personal approach Yolanda understands the dynamics of the Property Management Industry from the landlords, tenants and property manager’s perspective, and the need of Excellence in Service for all parties involved in a rental property agreement.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the team and is always available personally to handle any owner or tenant enquiries with an open door policy.

Read what some of Yolanda’s clients say about working with her and why they trust her to manage their properties  - 

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