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Property Owners

Our Association of Experienced Property Managers Are Here to Work With You.

There are always lots of questions and concerns when dealing with your rental property. Whether you’re considering managing your rental property by yourself or appointing a property management agency. 

Contact Hallmark Property Management and we will provide professional alternatives and support, matching your personal needs and preferences.  See our Owners page for more information on how we can help you manage and grow your investments.

Residential Tenants

Your New Home Awaits You

Hallmark Property Management has experience in assisting tenants with their needs.  Our Property Managers are here to help you through the renting process, step by step. From house hunting to signing your lease, ensuring timely repairs when required and vacating at the end of your lease. Check out our Tenants page for more information on the application process.

Get a Free Rental Appraisal

Personalised Approach with

Optimum Return

Seeking for an informed and well-planned approach for your investment property?

Hallmark Property Management is here to guide you through the process every step of the way, and provide all the resources and services you need.  Contact us now for your Free Rental Appraisal.

Career Opportunities

More Than Just a Job Opportunity

Hallmark offers a world class opportunity to become an Associate Property Asset Manager.  Hopping between Property Management offices experiencing low job satisfaction? Being underpaid and overworked? Don’t worry, this is not for long!


Hallmark Property Management wants you! Hallmark Property Management places client experience and satisfaction as our number one top priority.  This means that we will support you in every way to achieve excellence. 


Where ever you are in Brisbane, take a look at the Hallmark Property Management offer – Develop, Manage and Share the results. Become an Associate with no investment outlay – Live the dream!  Click here for more information.

  Property Management with...    

   A Personal Touch  

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